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DOODLE – different but we are friend with disable


CIMSA – ISMKI Indonesia

General Description

DOODLE meant for children with special needs, parents,member, society. the aim is increasing the confidence of children with special needs by maximizing the talents and abilities they have. we invited psychologists for the parents to consul about the children. Children with special needs and member of cimsa doing collaboration for showing their musical talents in front of the parents. we immediately bring children with special needs to interact in society and distributing stickers to the public

Area of Activity

Children Health and Rights


– Children with special needs : number of chidren who attending all the activity like coloring contest using egg shells and sawdust also a game of bocce
– Parents : number of parents who attending the activity and give feedback for the activity
– CIMSA Members

The evaluation after project is Beginning of the new semester (February 2016 to follow up how confident Children with special needs are). But in order to see the comparison how confident children with special needs are we also can see from pre project when the first time scorp cimsa met and interacting once a weeks till the end of the project. Scorp cimsa still in touch with teacher in SLB pelita hati pekanbaru so we keep ask and know their information too.
We also plan to do evalution form for teacher, parents and member cimsa to report the activity . interview with the parents to get the feedback of the activity. And we will report all the activity after its end.

Time frame of the Activity

19/12/2016 – 20/12/2016




Not mentioned.

Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

Children Health and Rights – [email protected]


Sirin Salsabila – [email protected]

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