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Orphanage Health and Hygiene Camp


MSAI India

General Description

Post Introduction we started with telling the correct technique of Hand Washing to maintain adequate Hand Hygiene .We then progressed to topics such as Oral and Dental Hygiene , Personal Hygiene ,Importance of a Balanced Diet. In addition to community awareness topics , we also addressed issues such Child Sexual Abuse ­-what is abuse and why one should not remain passive and tolerate abuse . We had a brief session on Mutual Respect, Good manners , Attitude and Importance of Road Safety.

Area of Activity

Children Health and Rights


Objectives and Indicators:
1) Health and Hygiene Awareness – By various charts , speaking and showing them the correct hand washing and brushing technique and quizzing them on the same later.
2) Health Assessment – A general medical and dental check up and by a round up follow up done next time .

Indicators – In the long run , we will do follow up health camps and also data collection regarding the particular diseases/health of these kids.

Time frame of the Activity

25/12/2015 – 25/12/2016


NGO’S working for orphaned and abandoned kids.


Not mentioned.

Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

Children Health and Rights – [email protected]


Priyanka Manghani – [email protected]

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