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CIMSA – ISMKI Indonesia

General Description

We plan to ask PRO to give lecture for primary health doctors in targeted primary health care level about Rotavirus and the proper diarrhea management so it can suppress the number of irrational use of antibiotics for diarrhea in primary health care level. Then, we plan to ask the doctors to teach the cadres in targeted area about diarrhea and the proper way to manage it. Cadres then pass on their knowledge to the mothers with babies under 1,5 years old who routinely visit.

Area of Activity

Children Health and Rights


– Increased of knowledge about Rotavirus among doctors in Puskesmas Jetis measured with pretest and postest after the lecture
– Increased of knowledge about diarrhea management among Posyandu cadres and mothers in Cokrokusuman measured with pretest, post-test, and focus group discussion after the activity in which we give them the knowledge
– the mothers who had gained the knowledge about diarrhea management apply it in the real situation. This is measured by doing interview monthly to the mothers

Time frame of the Activity

25/12/2016 – 1/10/2017


Pediatric Research Office of RSUP DR SARDJITO; During the initiation of this project when we were looking for the most suitable target community, PRO recommended us to assess Cokrokusuman because this village is located next to Kalicode river. PRO is also willing to support us with material about diarrhea and to give consultation when we need it.


Not mentioned.

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Children Health and Rights – [email protected]


Sirin Salsabila – [email protected]

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