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AEMPPI Ecuador: Organ Donation and Transplantation Program


AEMPPI Ecuador

General Description


There is a huge deficit in the organ donation and transplantation system in Ecuador. Also, population doesn’t realize the importance and benefits of donation. And even though, since 2012, every Ecuadorian is by law a donator unless they sign they don’t want to, we haven’t had the expected improvement.

We are having 3 stages in the project
1) National symposium and parallel workshop and events in all the country. Policy Statements and Public Media diffusion
2) Introduce in the Ecuadorian High School curriculum, a donation course
3) Introduce in the Ecuadorian Medical Education Curriculum a donation course

Area of Activity

Organ, Marrow and Tissue Donation


1) Create curriculum changes to include an organ donation curse in the Ecuadorian education and medical education systems
2) Promote the organ donation in the general population

The use of an evaluation document after the Symposium that will let us analyze the level of comprehension of the participants. Also, evaluating the impact of the satellite activities, by comparing selected groups of people before and after the exposed to the promotion campaigns. At it is a long term project, we would analyze in which level we achieve the indicators of success after one year.

Time frame of the Activity

12/11/2016 – 12/11/2016


With Medical Faculties by having their support with speakers and their support at the certificates.
With Government Platforms such as INDOT or Yachay (Government institutions) for research and Organ Donation System.


Not mentioned.


Ethics and Human Rights in Health – [email protected]


Pablo Estrella – [email protected]

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