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Against the Current: Migration and Health in the Mediterranean


AECS Catalonia

General Description

In a globalised world, migration is everywhere, and growing fast… but are our health services prepared to respond to the needs of a multicultural society?

During the last years, the European migrant crisis has brought under the spotlight the need to carry out a change in our view on healthcare, so as to ensure that it is inclusive and efficient. This course aims to provide an overview on all the different ways that migration in general and more specifically culture may influence health, in the Mediterranean context. We will be focusing on the Turkish and Spanish setting.

We strongly believe that future and current healthcare workers should be able to tackle these issues.

Area of Activity

Migrants’ Health and Rights


– to identify health needs and disparities among migrants in the Mediterráneas region, and best practices for meeting these needs, including screening, diagnosis and management, across infectious, non-communicable diseases, physical disability, and child health.
– to identify health needs and disparities in mental health, and how culture may impact health needs and health-seeking behaviour.
– to understand policy actions through a case-study, including ethical and professional obligations to maintaining healthy populations in the Mediterranean region, both in patient care and population research.

Time frame of the Activity

25/11/2016 – 26/11/2016


Our main external (IS Global) has a proven important background on the toppic.


Enrollment fees

Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

Dignifying and Non-Discriminatory Healthcare – [email protected]


Lilas Mercuriali – [email protected]
AECS Local coordinator (hospital del Mar)

Paula Peremiquel – [email protected]
AECS Alumni

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