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Basic Course in Disaster Medicine


IFMSA Mexico

General Description

It is a 5 hour course that will create awareness in the need of disaster preparation I the medical curricula. It will give medical students the basic principles to understand more about disaster medicine. It also intends to motivate students to persuade the inclusion of a subject in disaster medicine in their curricula.

Area of Activity

Disaster Medicine


To create awareness of the need of disaster preparation in the medical curricula. Success indicator: the course itself and its demand.
To understand more about disaster medicine. Succes indicator: a pre and a post test.
To motivate medical students to persuade the inclusion of disaster preparation in their medical curricula. Success Indicator: their initiative, I have achieved this at my university; I can serve as a guide so they do the same at their universities.

Before the course actually starts, the medical students interested in taking it will have a pre test, where the knowledge they have will be compared among them (and other universities). They will take the course that includes dynamics and finally they will have a post test at the end of the course that will be compared with the pre test. At last, they will have another test (2 months later) to value how much knowledge they conserve. A comparison among the 3 (tests) of them will be published and shared.

Time frame of the Activity

15/03/2016 – 15/09/2016


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Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

Emergency, Disaster Risk and Humanitarian Action – [email protected]


 Marco Antonio Ruiz – [email protected]

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