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Dying, a Human Thing


IFMSA- the Netherlands

General Description

End-of-Life care and support of terminal patients are heavy and burdened topics for medical students and professionals. It is important to bring up these topics during medical studies. However, these topics are under-implemented in the Dutch medical curricula.

a) Lectures, as a one-time-only eventor as a cycle of 5 lectures of 2 h each.

b) Working weekend, with a maximum of 20 students to go on mini-trip locations that are connected to dying, as hospices, intensive-care units and religious places, to have lectures and discussionswith lecturers and patients.

Area of Activity

Patients’ Rights and Pacient Centred-Medicine


To create awareness regarding (care for) terminal patients and death. The goal is to support medical students in thinking about dilemmas concerning the end of life and to provide them pointers about the interaction with dying patients. Furthermore, attention is given to for example social, psychological and emotional aspects of dying and the end of life.

Time frame of the Activity

12/02/2017 – 18/02/2017


Currently, there are no stakeholders, but I plan on contacting DyingMatters, which is a Brittish organization that advocates for more talking about dying to get rid of the taboo. They have an anually dying matters week in May. I would like to contact them for advice or (re-)sources and to collaborate with them by offering them opportunities to raise awareness about dying in medical students.


Not mentioned.


Not enrolled right now.


Mary-Joanne Verhoef – [email protected]

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