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Emergency Day


KazMSA Kazhakistan

General Description

The main aim is to teach students how to do first medical aim. And also the activity will illustrate the basic medical education for everyday life. Trainers will show the prime practical skills which are necessary in emergencies. It will help students an opportunity to go out from extraordinary situations where must be performed the first medical help.

Area of Activity

Disaster Medicine


• heart-lung;
• bleeding;
• chilblains;
• bone fractures;
• burn;
• electrocution;
• fainting, etc
reanimations – Students who were taught can prolong the life before the coming of doctors. They will know basic skills of first aid, so in future they can save lifes from ridiculous deaths and complications of injuries. In generally

After the explaining and teaching the skills theoretically, they will show practical skills. As the evaluation and see how students got assimilation of materials, we will do the practical tests. For instance, trainers organize the scenes with urgent situations, so students can present by the helping to “patients” as real life. Additionally, if there will be high school students, these trainings may cause choose their future profession as a doctor, of course if they will be interested in.
Trainers will always improve themselves by specialists and repeat the trainings in every institution.

Time frame of the Activity

15/04/2016 – 15/04/2017


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Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

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Gaziza Murat – [email protected]

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