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Ethical Code for Medical Students



General Description

The inadequate way that Bioethics subjects are instructed in medical schools often gets students to misunderstand and underrate them. Despite, it is widely recognized the importance of ethics in any medical action. Therefore, it’s essential that medical students have a suitable academic preparation in this field.

The document is displayed on ANEM’s website (, being available for any medical student to download it. It intends to present a set of recommendations for students to consult before starting and even during their journey in the clinical setting.
The document will be discussed and updated when needed, allowing students to be active and give their input to the document. It is created by medical students, for medical students.

Area of Activity

Patients’ Rights and Patient-Centred Medicine


-Raising awareness for a more humane clinical practice
-Informing students of their duties towards patients
-Raising awareness among students for the sense of responsibility and knowledge of their limitations in the clinical practice
-Providing and disseminating a document recognized by competent external partners and used in White Coat ceremonies of each Portuguese Medical School
-Allowing medical students to participate in the creation of this document so that it takes into account the different realities of Medical Schools
-Developing critical thinking.on Medical Ethics and Ethical Issues
– Advocating towards the implementation of this document in Bioethics’ Subjects in Medical Schools.

Success Indicators:

Quantity data:
-Number of Participants in the Discussion and Revision Sessions;
Integration in Curricular Subjects of Bioethics in every Medical School;
-Number of Participants in White Coat Ceremonies;
-Number of clicks and downloads of the online document.

Quality Data (long-term indicators)
-Knowledge on how to deal with patients;
-Knowledge about rights and limitations of the student;
-Feedback obtained from patients about new doctors (in the end of the project).

Time frame of the Activity

01/08/2016 – 31/12/2018


Portuguese Medical Council, Portuguese Bioethics Association, Ethics Committees of Medical Faculties’ Affiliated Hospitals


No funding.


Ethics and Human Rights in Health – [email protected]


Pillar Burillo Simões – [email protected]

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