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Friendly competition of Special Olympics BoHeMSA


BoHeMSA Bosnia and Herzegovina

General Description


In order to grow into a society which practices, reaches and implements policies where every individual has equal rights and opportunities regardless of their diversity, integration of disabled people into such society is emerging as one of the solutions to enable its growth. Social inclusion does not imply equalization of all people, but respecting the differences of each individual.

The project will consist of four parts:
1. Research of public opinion towards people with special needs
2. The organization of sports competitions in 4 different areas: football, basketball, swimming and athletics.
3. Hosting public forum titled “In healthy body, a healthy mind – moving towards health”
4. Workshops for participants of sports competitions and high school students

Area of Activity

Human Rights, Children Health and Rights, Discrimination


The project aims to reduce the level of ignorance, prejudice and fear which prevails in the society when it comes to these marginalized groups, as well as advocating the participation of these groups in an interactive way with the aim of meeting their social and other needs.

– Promoting health through sport
– Promotion of different social problems, and encouraging the wider community to the challenge
– Overcoming prejudice
– The affirmation of children’s and human rights
– Changing attitudes of the society towards people with disabilities
Incentives and development of social and emotional maturity
– Development of tolerance and understanding among people


Time frame of the Activity

04/04/2017 – 07/04/2017


Medical faculty Tuzla and the whole University of Tuzla have agreed to give us necessary support which they can offer, in terms of their capacities.
We´ll be using the sports hall from the university, where we´ll hold these competitions, as well as their sports equipment for necessary sport activities. Those associated on the faculty and university shall be present during the competition and offer guidance for competitors and other participants. Also, professors and doctors from the Medical faculty shall be speakers and presenters on the public forum, where anyone present will have the opportunity to ask them anything related to the theme of the project.


Not mentioned.


Ethics and Human Rights in Health – [email protected]


Nedim Srabović – [email protected]

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