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Give you a Future – Te regalo un futuro


IFMSA Panama

General Description

It consists of a week full of activities aimed at different audiences, begin at the Faculty of Medicine with decorating it with allusive posters with topics presented on how to care for the environment, a recycling of cans and papers campaign, a collection of books that will be donated later. The second day we will work with children and workshops in COIF, performing dynamic collage paint mode with the concept of how do you want your natural environment. The next day a cleanup day will be held around the University of Panama. On Thursday, exhibitions focused on the role of the environment on our health and the effect of a healthy diet will be given. Friday is the day of the Earth, we’ll go around the University of Panama and Cinta Costera carrying banners, delivering messages printed on reused sheets, wearing sweater with the message “All Days are Earth Days”. The closing event will be held at the fair of Azuero where seedlings will be given to attendees and will be provided with all necessary information for the change starts.

This will be done by the following methods: Perform cleanups who makes people to get Involved through actions ; bring the campaign to children since They are the backbone of what we do, give seedlings in a vulnerable area ecologically as it is Azuero and Those Who Decided to take one have to care it , knowing in that way will give a better future for the children .

Area of Activity

Environment and Health


1. To raise awareness of Panamanian society about the importance of caring for our planet.
2. Guiding and proposing measures to reduce the negative impact of our actions , both for the environment itself and for our health.

Time frame of the Activity

18/04/2016 – 23/04/2016


We have the collaboration of “Azuero Earth Project” in the fair of Azuero.


We got the donation of 30 seedlings of fruit trees and timber , other materials were simple, we can get at home.

Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

Environment and Health – [email protected]


Andrea Acevedo, [email protected], IFMSA PANAMA, related member, University of Panama


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