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General Description

Most reports of the Government state that the main complaints presented by patients are related to the lack of sensibility of doctors towards the patients, lack of politeness, communication and information of patients.
We, as Medical Students and future Physicians, should stand up for a more humane medical pratice, playing an active role on promoting the lack of this in our Medical Curricula and correcting today’s mistakes.
Training those who will be tomorrow’s doctors is essential for the perpetuation of an effective medicine, sustainable and dignified.
So, the project aims at acting to improve the delivery of health care and raising awareness on the issue of humanization of Healthcare.

Area of Activity

Patients’ Rights and Patient-Centred Medicine


-Recognize flaws in the education of medical students regarding humanization of Healthcare;
– Develop activities with the stamp +humanos, allowing quick identification of the thematic nature by students;
-Develop publications to promote the project (video and cover pictures)
-Collaborate with external entities that act in the same direction;
-contact University Hospitals to establish partnerships and disseminate the project;
-Join forces with students’ representatives from other courses in the health sector.
-Sensitize the community for a more humane medicine.

Success indicators: Number of views in posts; number of articles in the media; Number of participants in White Coat Ceremonies

Qualitative: feedback (participants & institutions). Coverage in the different districts.
Quantitative: number of vacancies; number of institutions; number of participants each year & evolution.

Time frame of the Activity

01/01/2017 – 1/1/2025


Medical Schools. Working with the society to promote the humanization of Healthcare.


No fundraising was done nor it requires financial support.

Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

Dignifying and Non-Discriminatory Healthcare – [email protected]


Pilar Burillo Simões, [email protected], ANEM-Portugal, NORP

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