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ID Communication Training Campaign


AMSI Ireland

General Description

This project aims to directly reduce discrimination towards patients with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) in healthcare, which results from a lack of training of medical professionals when dealing with this cohort, by training medical students at undergraduate level in effective communication with these patients

Increase medical student exposure to patients with ID
Increase student comfort working with the ID population
Teach effective communication skills for overcoming communication barriers

Area of Activity

Patients’ Rights and Patient-Centred Medicine


Proposed Intervention:
-Develop a video for 1st Year PBL sessions: Simulated interview with ID patient, along with notes about how to approach the interview, terminology to use etc.
– Run an interactive workshop for 4th Years in Psych or GP placements with ID volunteers, involving simulated interviews and feedback to students on how to improve.

Time frame of the Activity

01/03/2017 – 30/06/2017


Not mentioned.


No current fundraising plans.

Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

Dignifying and Non-Discriminatory Healthcare – [email protected]


Niamh O’Connor, [email protected], AMSI (Ireland), LORP TCD

Ciara Clarke, [email protected], AMSI, NORP

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