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Law and patient rights in Health-Care


IFMSA Serbia

General Description

Lack of knowledge of medical students about patients and doctors rights, witch can help them in a future if they have to face some problems related with this topics.

First part is a theoretical lecture about this topics. The main objective of this second part of the workshop is to allow students to apply theory to practice. The participants are then split into subgroups; each group works on a specific case and is assigned some questions to discuss.
The results of these group discussions are then shared with all the participants so that the other students have a chance to participate in the debate and share their points of view.

Area of Activity

Patients’ Rights and Patient-Centred Medicine


Students will gain an in-depth understanding of the law and patient rights in health care issue and of the importance of compliance with the applicable legal framework. Also students wil acquire greater knowledge of the main rules applicable to the protection of health care in conflict, in particular the rights and responsibilities of parties to the conflict and of health-care personnel.
Students will engage in a critical analysis of this issue and develop their own position and arguments concerning the implementation of law.

Time frame of the Activity

11/09/2016 – 18/09/2016


Medical Faculty.


No funding.


Ethics and Human Rights in Health – [email protected]


Tanja Ćirić – [email protected]

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