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Light Your Rights



General Description

As future physicians, it is important to acknowledge the existence of Human Rights and to get to know and apply them in our daily practice. However, somehow HR are disrespected in a healthcare setting, being simply ignored.
Besides that, the problem also lies in the community. General People don’t really know and understand HR.
Thus, learning about it and applying them would tackle this issue.

2-day intensive training on Human Rights. The main goal is getting the student to discover and knowing core concepts about HR: What they are, Discrimination, Religion, Beliefs, Migration and Refugees, Peace, Conflict, Globalisation. They also participate in Motivation, Communication and Peer Education sessions, with a final session where they plan a whole Session and present it to a jury.
In phase II, the trainees – now Monitors, intervene in the community, by conducting sessions themselves.

Area of Activity

Human Rights


– Train medical students so that they can intervene with the population, not only in the present, but also in their future professional life;
– Establish new partnerships that enhance this activity, particularly in terms of diversification of the target audience, social, media coverage and sustainability;
– Raise awareness among medical students and the wider community to emerging issues related to HR;
– Incite the participants to reflect on the different contexts of violation of HR, spreading knowledge and changes in individual attitudes of the community;
– Inform about different conflicts and the need to be a peacekeeper;
– Develop critical thinking on Human Rights and Peace issues.

Success Indicators:

Quantity data:
Number of Participants in the Trainings;
Number of interventions/ sessions conducted by Monitors.
Number of participants in sessions conducted by Monitors.

Quality Data (long-term indicators):
Recognition by external partners;
Recognition of the Speakers invited to the Trainings;
Knowledge of the targets of the sessions conducted by Monitors;
Recognition by the Government.

Time frame of the Activity

01/08/2016 – 01/09/2018


Government (Ministry of Education), Amnesty International, Doctors of the World, etc.




Ethics and Human Rights in Health – [email protected]


Pillar Burillo Simões – [email protected]

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