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Medical Intervention in Refugee Camps Workshop


TurkMSIC Turkey

General Description

The main problem to be tackled with this activity is medical students do not have any placements in these camps and have no idea on how to contact these refugees leaving alone the huge language barrier.
Also refugee camps we question the medical service these refugees get based on lack of focus, cultural and language barrier.

Our aim is to reach medical students, healthcare professionals and NMOs to raise awareness on medical intervention in disaster and urgent circumstancees. And we want to give general information about migrants health problems and then discuss what we can do to improve healtcare services for these people.
Trainings and sessions will be interactive and informative for our attenders.

Area of Activity

Migrants’ Health and Rights


Basic healthcare problems on disaster and migration
Infectious and chronic disease
Necessary emergency health service and urgent circumstances
Physical, emotional and sexual violence against refugees in camps
Access of women and children refugees to healthcare systems
Behaviour pattern of health care personnel in refugee camps
Deficient information about contraception
Bounded reforms and innovation on health systems for refugees


Our workshop is planned for 15 hours and our participants will be medical students. (Approximately 80 in number)
The beneficiaries would be the government, healthcare professionals, NGOs, general public.

Time frame of the Activity

23/09/2016 – 24/09/2016


Medical Faculties, MSF.


Not mentioned.


Ethics and Human Rights in Health – [email protected]


Erva Cinar – [email protected]

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