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KMSA Korea

General Description

– Raise awareness of medical students through various platforms: annual seminar, large- and small-scale campaigns, promotions in NGAs, and newsletter publishing.
– Create a network between students and experts in the field: helping students get the idea of what they can do in the future.
– Expose medical students to various opportunities: field trips to the demilitarized zone, internship opportunities to the students.
– Promote the issue to international medical students: IFMSA Activities Fair

Area of Activity

Migrants’ Health and Rights


– Reach medical students and deliver our message: one-tenth of medical students within five years
– Organize a seminar every year: annual seminars in Summer
– Increase the number of newsletter subscribers to one hundred in three years
– Create a concrete alumni network, which consists of people available to provide medical care for North Korean refugees: ten doctors in three years
– Create an international network: create an English page in a year, involve ten Korean students in foreign medical schools in three years, participate in IFMSA Activities Fair annually or bienially.

Time frame of the Activity

01/08/2011 – 31/12/2050


See Funding.


MedTHiNK primarily relies on KMSA for its funding. For big events, we apply for financial support of governmental and non-governmental organizations.

Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

Dignifying and Non-Discriminatory Healthcare – [email protected]


Inhan Lee, [email protected], KMSA, Project manager of MedTHiNK

Cloe Jeongeun  Har (NORP) – [email protected]

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