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Nordic training in disaster medicine



General Description

Disasters can strike anywhere and affect anyone. We want to work for a society and a medical profession that knows how to tackle a disastrous event in a nordic setting.
In our medical curriculum in Sweden there is very little education about disaster medicine and we will have this training to spark interest and hopefully the participants will spread the knowledge and passion we have for it.

IFMSA-Sweden will arrange a training for nordic IFMSA-students.
We want to prepare our participants on how to manage situations out of the ordinary in Sweden and the Nordic countries. Participants will learn how Sweden’s disaster management operates, who does what – and what we should do. We will think about and discuss which measures could be taken to reduce the risk for disasters, and increase the knowledge about this within the society.

Area of Activity

Disaster Medicine


– We want to have 25-30 participants.
– We want our participants to learn about disaster medicine in Sweden and what they should do if something occurs.
– We want to have a successful simulation where participants will both apply what they have been taught and have fun.
– We want to inspire our participants to bring the information to their home cities and arrange events of their own.

Time frame of the Activity

03/02/2017 – 05/02/2017


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Affiliated in an IFMSA Program?

Emergency, Disaster Risk and Humanitarian Action – [email protected]


Rebecka Assarsson – [email protected]

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