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Peace Week’15



General Description


The Peace Week’15 campaign consisited of 4 main activities:
1. A Webinar on the topic “Peace; the key to success”
2. A consultation with High school students on “Importance of Peace AND Youth role in Peace building”
3. A week long Social Media campaign (21st – 27th Sep 2015) conducted for Peace Week’15
4. A ‘Compiled Video’ containing Peace messages from Pakistan to the world

Area of Activity

Peace and Peacebuilding


The main objective to celebrate Peace Week’15 was to show the world that We Pakistanis are True Peace-Lovers and not the breeders of terrorism. The only message we have for entire human race is ‘End Terrorism and Let the Peace Prevail’

– To achieve awareness among people about the importance of Peace on the road of success
– Make the youth understand their role in Peace Achieving.
– Show the world the love of Peace in us Pakistanis (through the compiled video)

Time frame of the Activity

21/09/2015 – 27/09/2015


Govenment Girls High School, Sialkot.


No funding.


Ethics and Human Rights in Health – [email protected]


Hafsa Fayyaz – [email protected]

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