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Sub-Regional Training 2017


IFMSA Quebec

General Description

The SRT2017’s HCiD stream comprises presentations, workshops and conferences based on the international HCiD campaign by the ICRC, with the aim of raising awareness on the current issues of violence directed to health care professionals, patients and institutions worldwide. Participants will acquire multifaceted insight on the HCiD issues discussed, while exploring initiatives and actions that medical students can undertake to become advocates for a better and safer healthcare for all.

Area of Activity

Disaster Medicine

-Understand the worldwide context of HCiD and its relationship with past and current political and social events.
-Become aware of the local issues in Québec of access to care, and develop ways to make local improvements.
-Become aware of the impact of macrostructures on health
-Understand various examples of violence towards healthcare personnel around the world
-Understand how gender-specific aspects of HCiD affect the management of health care
-Acquire and practice writing and public speaking in the advocacy of HCiD.
-Increase one’s understanding of international humanitarian law and its enforcement in conflict settings.

Time frame of the Activity

17/02/2017 – 19/02/2017




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