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Syrian Emergency Awareness


AMSI Ireland

General Description

We wish to highlight the ongoing humanitarian emergency situation in Syria. As a Standing Committee for Human Rights and Peace, we are dedicated to ensuring that healthcare, equity and peace are achievable for all. However, due to ongoing conflict in this region, patients do not have adequate access to medical care and healthcare providers are at substantial risk in their efforts to deliver care.

We hope to run a national campaign through the LORPs in all of the Irish medical universities. This campaign will involve public outreach events including Human Rights workshops, talks from guest speakers, and a public debate. We will also run conflict emergency medical first aid workshops for medical students, highlighting the low levels of resources in conflict zones. Social media will be used throughout the week to highlight these activities and their importance.

Area of Activity

Disaster Medicine, Migrants’ Health and Rights

-Increase awareness on healthcare in conflicts among medical students and general public in Ireland – Success indicated by increased interest in SCORP among medical students, better understanding of complexities of this subject shown through evaluation form
-Upskilling of medical students in conflict emergency care through workshops – workshop facilitators will try to impart knowledge of first aid skills in minimal resource conditions
-Increased interest in medical schools on teaching of this subject – indicated by positive response to this campaign from medical schools

We plan to design a pre- and post- campaign survey where participants in Syrian Emergency Awareness campaign will be invited to evaluate their awareness of considerations in conflict emergency healthcare both before and after the campaign. We hope this will give some insight in to how people’s knowledge and attitudes to this topic change after this awareness event. Survey questions may examine knowledge of statistics related to healthcare access in this conflict and a scale for people to self-evaluate their attitudes based on agree/disagree statements.

Time frame of the Activity

12/02/2017 – 18/02/2017


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