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Workshop on Medical Ethics


IFMSA Pakistan

General Description

Describe prototypes of doctor patient relationship and issues affecting it. Elaborate strategies to improve the relationship. Give case scenarios linked to doctor-patient relationship for participants of workshop to enact. We plan to carry out similar interactive learning sessions as mentioned above, on other topics concerning medical ethics in coming months which will help produce more right conscious and courteous doctors to create a better served society

Area of Activity

Medical Ethics


1) To give a brief introduction regarding medical ethics
2) To make the students aware of the 4 principles of medical ethics(Autonomy,Beneficence, Non-maleficence and Justice)
3) Highlight the importance of a good “Doctor-Patient” relationship
4) Deliver the essential knowledge of Doctor-Patient relationship to students
5) To elaborate the prototypes of doctor patient relationship
6) Polish the skills of medical students necessary for a good Doctor-Patient relationship
7) To discuss issues and factors affecting doctor patient relationship

Time frame of the Activity

17/10/2016- 17/10/2016


Primary supporters are the medical faculty of Military Hospital Rawalpindi’s Psychiatry department(Armed Forces Institute of Mental Health).
The workshop will be organised in Armed Forces Institute of Mental Health. The triad of communication between the commandant AFIMH, psychiatrists of AFIMH and the students of SCORP-Rawalpindi local council will bring about the expertise and experience of the speakers required to conduct this workshop.


Not mentioned.


Ethics and Human Rights in Health – [email protected]


Shoaib Ahmad – [email protected]

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