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International Women’s Week: “Women Empowerment and Education”


IFMSA Pakistan

General Description

Women’s Empowerment educates and empowers women, who are homeless, with the skills and confidence necessary to secure a job, create a healthy lifestyle, and regain a home for themselves and their children.Field trip that would include visiting the women shelters and spending some time there with them, having interactive sessions there, primarily involving the women of that setup. Presentations.
Topics were
-Women Empowerment.
-Importance of education for women
-Gender equality

Area of Activity

Gender Equity


1) To educate the medical students regarding the benefits of Women empowerment and its positive effects on the lives of people and promotion of healthy economy.
2) To emphasize the need to end all forms of discrimination against all women and girls everywhere.
3) To make the medical students realize the importance of universal access to reproductive health and reproductive rights of women.
4) To expand girls’ and women’s access to learning opportunities, in both formal and non-formal education, through innovative approaches using Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)
5) To advocates for girls’ and women’s education.

Time frame of the Activity

09/03/2016 – 09/03/2016


Intention to collaborate in the future.


Three thousand rupees were spent in this project that was given by IFMSA-Pakistan an in future certain fund raising programs with other NGOs are also intended.


Gender-Based Violence – [email protected]


Alina Rahman – [email protected]

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