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General Description

During the activity, our 4th and 5th year English Division Program Coordinators and one Polish Division Officer have duties during which they are willing to provide any assistance or guidance in University matters or others for English speaking students. One hour a week in October and November, they held duties and meetings for interested students who wanted to know more on course of studies in higher years, help with visa requirements, room rentals and mental support as well. Other than that, we created some small campaign for this matter – posted information on possibility to contact us anytime regarding help of any kind per email or facebook on social groups.
Activity coorelates to outcome 1 and 3 from the Program Proposal.

Area of Activity

Mental Health


Main goal of this activity is to educate English-speaking medical students on the importance of their mental health an prevent their mental wellbeing with helping in solving problems.
Therefore we would like to achieve it following several objectives:
-Provding space for discussion on topics which aren’t discussed in medical curriculum,such as mental support for med students
– Providing practical guidance on specific problems of medical students which can frustrate them and lead to destabilization of their wellbeing
Number of participants who attended the activity
Ratio of pax who found the workshop useful
Participants are knowledgeable on the ways of protecting their mental well-being

Time frame of the Activity

01/10/2016 – 15/10/2016


Not mentioned.


Not mentioned.


Mental Health – [email protected]


Maria Gołębiowska – [email protected]

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