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Girl Power


CroMSIC Croatia

General Description

Girl Power, colorfully describes an ongoing yearly self-defense class, organized by scorp and scora,conducted on International Women’s Day(08.03). We would like to prolong this activity to encompass a longer period and a wider group of applicants.

Medical students would be the first starting group, among with anyone in the community who’s interested. The beneficiaries would be the same, with students being more prepared, and educated for unexpected situations, and communities made aware, and allowed to play an active role in preventing gender based violence

Area of Activity

Gender Equity


– educating women on self defense -> success indicators : level of satisfaction with the training; raised awareness and interest in future workshops and trainings of this type
– educating medical students on gender based violence -> success indicator : raised awareness and future interest on this topic

Time frame of the Activity

08/13/2016 – 25/03/2017


Currently, no external organization is defined, but we would like to connect with some in the future


NMO budget might be used for support, even though we’ll try to arrange the trainings for free(volunteers)


Gender-Based Violence – [email protected]


Eliša Papić – [email protected]

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