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MSAI India

General Description

The activity highlights the problems a woman faces through out her life.
She must fight her entire life – be in through societal evils like dowry , female foeticide or be it menopause and breast cancer .During their childhood , she sees her mother being beaten by her father for any trivial reason.A child sees her mother get tortured by own mother in law – a woman hence propagates this cycle since she herself had witnessed and experienced the same abuse during her childhood and marriage life .

The activity wishes to tackle the problem of domestic violence and gender inequality.
According to a NFHS in 2005, total lifetime prevalence of domestic violence was 33.5%.
A total of 24,771 dowry deaths have been reported in the country in past three years with a fall in sex ratio , illegal prenatal sex determination and female foeticide.

Area of Activity

Gender Equity


1)To alleviate gender inequality prevalent in the society
Success Indicator :
Women who have experienced discrimination came up on stage and discussed their personal stories .
2)To create awareness regarding domestic violence and provide information various methods to deal with abuse .
Success indicator:
Women approached the authorities regarding personal matter of gender based violence
3)Creating awareness regarding other health problems in the lives of women like menopause , osteoporosis and breast cancer
Success indicator:
-Actively participated in the exercises conducted for osteoporosis and BSE.
-Authorities noted that the calendar for breast self examination was monthly updated

Time frame of the Activity

31/10/2015 – 31/10/2017


The Bombay YMCA is in touch with social workers in every locality in the district who were contacted then went door to door to make sure every reluctant woman came for the seminar .
We are looking for many such collaborations which help us like anganwadis or primary health care centres .


The activity requires a minimal funding for providing a printed calendar and a self checklist to mark their problems on the list .
We also require funding for providing pamphlets and information guides with name of organizations which help domestic abuse victims .
The funding was provided by the NMO and YMCA .


Gender-Based Violence¬†– [email protected]


Neha Masrani –¬†[email protected]

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