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CroMSIC Croatia

General Description

The project is divided into three parts: part one is directed to the general public, part 2 are the workshops in high schools, and part three is also directed to the general public with additional focus on the specific mental health conditions.
It fits into this Program since the whole idea is to alleviate the burden of mental health and decrease stigma about it in the society.

Area of Activity

Mental Health


– To educate medical students and sensitize them about mental health problems. The indicators of success were evaluations of the education for medical students and the whole project.
– To educate high school students about mental health and empower them to positively react to challenges set for them in life. The indicators are: Improvement of post-evaluation in comparison to pre-evaluation; evaluation of every workshop.
– Organization of public health campaign on mental health awareness. The main indicators were the number of people attended, positive reviews of the people attended and further interest in this project.

Time frame of the Activity

17/10/2015 – 17/10/2016


Not mentioned.


Not mentioned.


Mental Health – [email protected]


Hana Lučev – [email protected]

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