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Let’s talk about stress!


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General Description

This is a survey study to draw a comparison between status of mental health of undergraduate medical students vs undergraduate students from other streams of study across India.
The study uses a standard General Health Questionnaire(GHQ-28). Along with the 28 questions from the GHQ a few more questionns regarding some personal factors of students like socioeconomic status have been added.The scoring of the questionnaire for mental health assessment will be based only on the GHQ only and will be done using the standard Likert system of scoring and the analysis of the study will be completed using a spss software.
This study will help asses 3 main factors of mental illness most prevalent among young students- stress, anxiety and depression and thus help us understand and analyse the general mental status of students and causal factors related to it.

Area of Activity

Mental Health


1. To asses the status of Mental health of undergraduate students in India in order to understand the level of stress, depression and anxiety prevalent among them.
2. This comparative type study of mental health between Undergraduate medical students and other Undergraduate students will help us understand and analyse the increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression among medical students as compared to other students.
3. To understand the implications of stress on lifestyle, health and productivity of medical students. These can be improved by conducting workshops on time management and other activities to reduce stress.
4. To asses the factors influencing increasing mental illness among medical and other students. This will help asses the need for counselling sessions required by students from time to time and that colleges especially medical colleges should take the initiative to open student counselling centers for the same.

Time frame of the Activity

15/09/2016 – 31/10/2016


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