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Medical students mental health project


EstMSA Estonia

General Description

We have different kind on workshops and discussions/lectures that medical students can participate and gain knowledge about different methods how to take care of their mental health and how to avoid serious menthal health problems like depression/anxiety. Our main goal is to introduce different therapies and methods to prevent mental health problems and where to get help.
Our workshops and lectures:
1. Laughter yoga
2. Workshop about yoga and Vinyasa yoga
3. Discussion about how to effectively study
4. Meditation workshop
5. Supervision
6. Animal therapy – how animals are good for mental healt
It fits to the Mental Health program, because we are helping people who are often stressed and overworked by showing them different methods how to improve their mental health situation.

Area of Activity

Mental Health


As pre-evaluation, we gathered that this topic intrests medical students and is relavant for them.
We have an objective to reach 150 medical students, so therefor we count them
After every event we send participants feedback forms, where we gather if the event was beneficial for them, did they like it and what would they like to be the next event.

* How many medical students attend the workshops. So far there are 95 people who have attended and by the end of the project we want to reach 150 students.
* Feedback for every event is positive, that means average score is 4/5.

Time frame of the Activity

01/10/2016 – 31/05/2017


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Mental Health – [email protected]


Karolin Riips – [email protected]

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