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Mental Health Simposium


AEMPPI Ecuador

General Description

This project arises as a symposium , since it will have the participation of mental health professionals , such as psychiatrists and psychologists. Who will be in charge of teaching about diseases and demystify certain beliefs of this . There will also be, the participation of a person with a mental illness, who is going to share with us their life experience and will help us to understand their situation, from another point of view.

Area of Activity

Mental Health


To create a project to strengthen medical education and raise awareness about the problems about mental health and its various disorders.
– To accomplish active members to learn about different psychiatric disorders that occur more frequently.
– To accomplish active members to learn about the social implications that mental illneses represent for the patient and family .
– Inform members about support networks and public health policies for patients with mental illnesses.
– To allow active members to interact with a patient who has a mental illness, to have a bettet understanding of their life experience.
– To Generate awareness among medical students, as a population who is in risk of suffering from anxiety and depression.
(This will be evaluated one week after the workshop, when the poll is sent for the partiicpants)

Time frame of the Activity

24/09/2016 – 24/09/2016


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Mental Health – [email protected]


Maria Gracia Peña – [email protected]

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