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Mindmates workshop


BeMSA Belgium

General Description

The workshop was given by KU Leuven’s mental health project people (Mindmates KU Leuven) where they teach students in multiple workshops how to deal with themselves and others when things are not going well.

It was an 2hour long session with self-improvement activities/mindfulness ( ifmsa-workshop style, but more mental health focused)

It directly addressed the issue and gave student a way to deal with stress, sadness, suicide or other things that come in their path.

Area of Activity

Mental Health


– getting the students to engage in meaningfull discussion on how to approach and deal with students that are having difficulties
success indicator: participation of students, questions.
– getting the students to participate in the workshop and perhaps in future workshops

Time frame of the Activity

03/02/2016 – 03/02/2016


Not mentioned.


Not mentioned.


Mental Health – [email protected]


Lisa Kinget – [email protected]

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