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NiMSA 2015 Orangetheworld campaign


NiMSA Nigeria

General Description

OUTREACHES: In different states and locations; Markets, Motor Parks, Villages, Secondary Schools etc. Materials like pamphlets, stickers and fliers will be distributed. Members of the community will be talked to on the issue of GBV.
MEDIA ADVOCACY: Newspapers, Internet, Radio, and Blogs etc. in order to reach to a larger number of people and join other voices advocating against GBV.

Area of Activity

Gender Equity


Educate medical students on adverse effect of violence, the Violence Against People Prohibition Act (VAPP) of Nigeria. They become resource persons. Indicators: students that carry out subsequent campaigns against GBV
Educate the community on need to eliminate violence: Number of people who come out openly to condemn GBV in the community.
Outreach in different secondary schools, teaching students what violence (e.g. Domestic violence, sexual abuse) is and how it affect them, role they and their teachers can play in protecting themselves and seeking help:questionnaires.
Use of social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Indicators :number of people who used our hashtags/share our pictures.

Time frame of the Activity

25/11/2015 – 10/12/2015


The TAMAR SARC (sexual assault and referral centre), an NGO, concerned with the rehabilitation of rape (sexual assault) victims.
Medical Women Association of Nigeria (MWAN).
Ipas Nigeria.
Action Group on Adolescent Health (AGAH).


We need about 600,000.00 naira for the programs execution, half of it will be funded by Ipas while the other half will be gotten from voluntary donations by well meaning organizations and people.


Gender-Based Violence¬†– [email protected]


Mary Obi –¬†[email protected] OR [email protected]

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