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Self Care Workshop



General Description

Life is stressful, especially med school! During Self-Care Workshop participants could learn various techniques that can help ease daily stress with simple solutions (meditation, thinking exercises, acupressure etc), theoretical introduction combined with practical exercises (held by three students who have been studying different relaxation techniques from Thailand, Taiwan and South Korea).
Corelates to 1, 3, outcome of the PP.

Area of Activity

Mental Health


Main goal of this activity is to educate medical students on the importance of their mental health and ways of its prevention.
Therefore we would like to achieve it following several objectives:
-Providing theoretical basis on several mental illnesses
-Provding space for discussion on topics which aren’t discussed in medical curriculum
– Providing practical solutions for anxiety, stress and so on
Number of participants who attended the workshop
Ratio of pax who found the workshop useful
Participants are knowledgeable on the ways of protecting their mental well-being

Time frame of the Activity

12/11/2015 – 12/11/2015


Not mentioned.


Not mentioned.


Mental Health – [email protected]


Nicole Zambolla – [email protected]

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