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MSAI India

General Description

To bring to the knowledge/notice of the  children, various kinds of words and phrases that have become a routine of our language and communication which are discriminatory by the means of the following
•PowerPoint presentation (includes 11 cases on national and international issues regarding discrimination and inappropriate use of language which includes discrimination faced by/related to gender, rape/acid attack survivors, body shaming, disability, race, caste, LGBT, elderly, poor, mentally ill, HIV patients), that involves dividing the children into two equal groups and having open discussion that involves active participation of children who would be interpreting the cases and giving their opinions, alternatives, solutions to each.
•Activity (dividing children into groups and asking each group to come up with a scenario based on discriminatory use of language and enact)
•Video (on world peace) followed by a discussion where students present their views on the video as well as discussion on world peace and methods to restore it.
All the three of the above mentioned methods demands active participation from children and requires rigorous brainstorming which will allow them to dive deep into the discussion and expose them to the sensitivity of the topics under discussion. The children will be made aware of the gravity of these situations and how it can affect someone’s life and personality. And in this way, it can change the attitude and way of thinking and looking at other human beings giving the children a more positive outlook towards looking at other human beings and teach them to adapt to their own choice of words to be as inclusive and non-judgmental as possible.

Area of Activity

Mental Health, Peace and Peacebuilding



To introduce children to various kinds of words and phrases that have become a routine of our language and communication which are discriminatory and educate/prepare them not to contribute to the discrimination, but to peace.
Success Indicators: The statistics obtained from the evaluation of the questionnaires used for the event (pre-event and post-event questionnaires) and feedback obtained from the students, teachers and Principal of the schools where the event would be conducted.

Time frame of the Activity

21/09/2016 – 18/02/2017


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