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Transphenomenon in healthcare


SloMSA Slovakia

General Description

Two external trainers who focus on LGBTI problematics in Slovakia. The trainers shared with us their and other members from LGBTI community life experiences with health care. That way we were able to understand better. Later on we had some theater based activities . Last secion was about .To sum it up, we must have first understand whats going on so we could start with changings.

Area of Activity

Sexuality and Gender Identity


To messure success of this training is questionable. We cant predict how the participans – doctors to be would act in real life situation. We can just help them to gain some skills and show them how to use them.

Time frame of the Activity

09/03/2016 – 10/03/2016


Q-centrum and the collaboration


Not mentioned.


Sexuality and Gender Identity – [email protected]


Michaela Barteková – [email protected]

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