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Value Your Mind


LeMSIC Lebanon

General Description

As usual, SCOPH focuses on the importance of prevention as a basis of a healthier life. Therefore, spreading this kind of awareness is needed in our society, in order to protect the population from the health consequence of these mental illnesses previously mentioned.
There were 4 stands tackling four different mental health issues:
1) Depression and Suicide
2) Stress and Anxiety
3) Eating disorders
4) Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)
These topics were chosen due to their importance as public health issues and to their frequency in the community (without them being frequently reported, for cultural reasons).
Infographics and educational posters were presented in order to make the information as simple as possible.
Educational games were prepared in order to deliver the same information but in a fun way. Prizes were distributed for winners, which encouraged others to participate as well.

Area of Activity

Mental Health


Inform public about the selected mental health topic
Erase the misconceptions
End the stigma
Provide support for people by guiding them to psychiatrists and professionals, if asked.

Time frame of the Activity

08/11/2016 – 08/11/2016


Not mentioned.


Not mentioned.


Mental Health – [email protected]


Hussein Berjaoui – [email protected]

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