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Women Ubuntu Statement on Violence Against Women


NiMSA Nigeria and other NMOs

General Description

The PC GBV sent out a call across the IFMSA servers for input to the Statement in the form of a Google form.
The information was then collated & included in the first draft of the statement which was made visible to members and open for comments & alterations. After taking the member’s contributions to the first draft into consideration, a final draft was released across the servers.

Area of Activity

Gender Equity


Objective (O): all regions were represented in the input towards the statement before the lapse of the 4-day deadline. Indicator (I): compulsory question (CQ) indicating the region of the respondent in the form.
O: ensure the results are representative of diverse ethnicities. I: CQ on the ethnicity of the respondent was included.
O: To get 50 responses before the end of the input deadline. I: The form automatically counted the number of responses.
O: To find out the important reasons for GBV in different regions. I: A CQ asking what are the GBV Related problems in their country was included.
O: To ensure the final draft is widely received. I: number of likes & shares on facebook.

Time frame of the Activity

31/10/2015 – 31/10/2017


No partners.


Our activity did not require funding as it was an online based activity.


Gender-Based Violence¬†– [email protected]


Toyosi Afolabi –¬†[email protected]

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