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Womens Development 2016 – A health session for domestic abuse victims


MSAI India

General Description

Our activity was aimed at rehabilitating abused women who were housed at a shelter care and focused on counselling and support for these women who have undergone various forms of violence ,anti-suicide counselling and health awareness and check up for them as they ignore their health due to history of violence and a poor mental health. The overgrowing health issues , exponential rise of mental health issues and suicide rates in these women compelled us to take up this project.

Area of Activity

Gender Equity


1) Mental Health – Regular Counselling and motivational sessions to help build self- esteem and overcome the mental and emotional trauma experience faced over the years.
Adequate follow ups and if needed necessary interventions to check up on success.
2) Health awareness and Check-ups- By making them aware about the importance of keeping good health and doing follow ups and check – ups.
3) Stress management and relieving activities – By getting them engaged in small scale work – this is a long term goal.

Time frame of the Activity

26/01/2016 – 26/01/2017


In long term , yes we do plan to collaborate with variety of external organizations who work for the upfliftment and care of abused and battered women.
NGO’S , Hospitals etc.


We obtain funding through community and external NGO Support if needed in the long term.


Gender-Based Violence – [email protected]


Priyanka Manghani – [email protected]

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