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Associa Med Tunisia

General Description

Amistad/ amistad Booklet :
AMISTAD is a human rights club for medical students where we treat 3 types of discrimination in Tunisia: discrimination against children, women, and color.
Every Wednesday, the same group of 20 members gathers to discuss a new topic for 3 hours where we have interactive activities and external speakers from other associations to share with us both current situation and legal frame in Tunisia.
Also, in every session, the members of AMISTAD will improve their communication skills.
In parallel with these sessions, we will write a booklet that contains those types of discrimination with their definitions, laws and ways to report them. The booklet will be written in English and spoken Arabic and will be revealed in a conference where we will invite medical students, doctors, associations of civil society and media.
Later on, it will be published in the hospitals of Tunis to raise the awareness not only to the medical staff, but also patients and their families.

Area of Activity

Discrimination and Hate Crimes, Human Rights, Gender Equity




forms are distributes to scorpions who are attending amistad sessions (for feedbacks and evaluation)
The booklet will be evaluated by lawyers and doctors and we will evaluate the impact of the booklet through the number of cases reported

Time frame of the Activity

10/11/2016 – 10/04/2017


Mnemty association : an association that works on color based racism
Beity Association: An association that works on Gender Based Violence
Lawyers are attending the session with the group of SCORPions to provide us with more informations


the sessions are not costing a lot , a mximum of 5 euros the session
we are still looking for fundraising for the booklet


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Mariem Karray e-mail: [email protected]
Bahzed Welyeddine Fitouhi e-mail: [email protected]

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