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And she doesn’t just talk


leSouk Algeria

General Description

And, She doesn’t just talk was an interactive session with presentation and workshop, trying to show the impact of a group of inspiring women who gave the humanity and still giving it a big share of their belief hearts and lives so they can make this a better world.
The purpose of this session was to let the audience know that women are the great part of this world who raises the other awesome one, learning about that should make women have the respect and the treatment they worth and deserve in the society, which we hope it will decrease the violence and the taking-for-granted they are mostly facing now

Area of Activity

Gender Equity



Evaluation: We made a green box for feedbacks so we can evaluate our session, we gave the audience at the beginning some paper sheets and asked them to write on it all that may cross their minds during the session and that they want us to know about, then put the sheets at the end in the green box.
The feedbacks came positive mostly because of the surprising simple gifts we gave during the workshop and the guessing games that animated the presentation. Also the contestant of the session seemed interesting them as a newer way to talk about women, ayaw from the traditional events about “violence against woman” for example that is becoming so classic and clich√© that people in our country are running away from those events instead of interested in them.
That leaves us eventually with a satisfied audience about the method and the content of our session.

Time frame of the Activity





10 euro.


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


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