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Associa Med Tunisia

General Description

its a project that offers free surgeries for people in need . Those people are waiting since years for their operation in a waiting list but are not operated yet .
We dont only offer the operation , but we also follow those patients in the post-op period .

Area of Activity

Human Rights


To tackle access to healthcare in specific groups.

after 4 years of doctime , more than 400 patients were treated for hernia , amygdalectomy, cataracte .

Time frame of the Activity

01/01/2017 (every year)

9 months of fundraising and collecting patients. 3 months for surgeries.


collaboration with Rotaract Tunisia


50000 euros in each LC . the budget is afforded through fundraising compaigns in supermarkets, public spaces.
Banks also offer us money that has only to be spent on Doctime.
Some doctors and private hospitals help by offering us the operation for free .


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Hend Mrad , LORP LC Tunis : [email protected]
Yoldez Ben Jemaa , LORP LC Sfax : [email protected]

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