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Human Rights Day Campaign



General Description

SCORP CIMSA celebrated Human Rights Day campaign with theme “Children’s Rights Protection as Foundation for Succeed Sustainable Development Goals .”
SCORP CIMSA put attention to those issues, that have highest effect in education quality of children. For example, in educational environment, in Indonesia we often face some cases where teachers are using violence in order to discipline the students.
Now, CIMSA is focusing the activities with Sustainable Development Goals, especially point 3, 4, 5, and 13. This campaign is also in line with CIMSA’s focus to succeed Sustainable Development Goals point No. 4 (Ensure Inclusive and Quality Education for All and Promote Life Long Learning) regarding the quality of education. We believe by protecting children’s rights, the child can be educated until the maximum level, in order to create the better quality of next generation.
These are the achievements of this campaign:
1. More than 40% local held the local campaigns
2. Photo that uploaded on SCORP CIMSA’S Instagram got like about 70 likes.
3. There are 300 viewers that watched video by National Committee about Human Rights Day
4. Video Contest have been watching by 4574 viewers.
5. There are 13 SCORPions that joined our Caption Challenge on Instagram
Area of Activity

Human Rights


This campaign objectives are:
* Explain children’s rights, particularly the right to be free from violence
* Explain the definition of violence against children (child abuse) to the public
* Sensitize the public against the rampant cases of child abuse
* Introduce to the public that are community of institutions that can help deal with the cases of child abuse
* Promote and encourage people to give action / real movement to prevent and cope with cases of child abuse
This campaign strategies consist of video contest, infographic, fun-facts, and twibbon contest.

With this campaign, we aim to emphasize the importance of protecting children’s rights by all people and thus create the better quality of next generation.

Time frame of the Activity



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Fandry Tumiwa – [email protected]

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