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Human Rights in Schools


Associa Med Tunisia

General Description

Name of the project : SCORP in Schools / Human Rights in schools
In SCORP , we believe that children education is fundamental for a bright nation’s future . that’s we deliver Human Rights sessions in primary schools , to educate children about their rights and other’s rights , how to respect it and avoid violence. Those sessions are based on games and simple , funny exercices.
Before the education session , SCORPions participate to a training to become peer educators on Human Rights , and become able to communicate easily the information to children.
This project takes place in the 4 LCs of Associa Med Tunisia

Area of Activity

Children Health and Rights



Children to learn about Human Rights.

an evaluation form is distributed before and after the session in each school , to evaluate the impact of the session

Time frame of the Activity

26/10/2016 – 26/04/2017


LC Tunis is collaborating with Arab League for Human Rights


a maximum of 5 euros fo each session , for basic logisitical needs


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Fatma Ben Othman , NORP
e-mail : [email protected]

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