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International day for the elimination of violence and discrimination against women



General Description

We celebrated the international day for the elimination of violence and discrimination against women in our college to raise awareness about gender based violence which is prevalent since the dawn of time. We made a collage of pictures that contained quotes and pictures of women empowerment along with a brief description of women like Indira Gandhi, Malala etc who embody strength and perseverance. Along with this we put up stats about the various forms of discrimination that women face in different countries and what role we, the future generations can play in the upliftment of all genders.

Area of Activity

Gender Equity



Being the first event of its kind being held in our college, we received feedback where people appreciated the effort we put in, a lot of people showed their support for the cause , how we can improve it and there a few crude comments which is why it’s so important go keep fighting for the cause

Time frame of the Activity





The money for the event was procured from the college student council budget that has been allocated to each committee.


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Tanzeela Shuja,

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