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Prisioner Healthcare Rights


UMMSA Malawi

General Description

Our activity will take place within the hospital setting. It aims at promoting prisoner healthcare rights within the hospital. This will be done by presenting a short PowerPoint presentation to medical students, hospital nurses, clinicians as well as heads of departments. A new prisoner admission assessment guide will also be introduced. The activity is planned to be carried out in two of the main government hospitals that admit prisoners.

Area of Activity

Patients’ Rights and Patient-Centred Medicine

* Improve nurses attitudes towards prisoners as patients
* Ensure nurses provide timely care to prisoners
* Ensure clinicians tend to prisoner patients on time, daily
* Have Heads of Departments communicate with prison officials regarding prisoner care post-discharge

Time frame of the Activity

27/03/2017 – 31/03/2017




Personal finances


Dignifying and Non-Discriminatory Healthcare – [email protected]


Rayman Milner – [email protected]

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