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TED Humanity and Motivation


leSouk Algeria

General Description

TED Humanity & Motivation
the activity is one day , as TED events , the them was humanity and motivation , the speakers talked in general about the relation of humanity and human rights with their specialities being within medicine and pharmacy, ect .in addition , there was a musical break to change the atmosphere of the event !
1- probleme statement : Medical Students in our country takes so long and concentrate more on the theoric part, the students loose their passion and motivation to help the needy people, so a reminder of the purpose of their studies had to take place, presenting for them more about human rights and the way it get involved of their medical life.
Area of Activity

Human Rights


2 – the Goal : the main goal is the humanitarian experience including personnal and professional experiences that professors ( speakers) with students .

Evaluation: we used a feedback box to test the limits of influence our activity had on the public, also the statements provided by a journalist interviewing the speakers and some students after the activity was over

Time frame of the Activity





Grants from our university


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