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Winter Drive


LeMSIC Lebanon

General Description

Clothes/Toys drive

Area of Activity

Human Rights


A drive to collect used clothes and toys to be distributed at the end of the month to the needy. In addition the event ends with visits to elderly homes, orphanages and volunteering opportunities offered to the members in the spirit of Christmas.
Boxes are put on campus to receive donations the whole month.
Students love the idea, faculty as well. We get a lot of donations every year. The visits are usually very emotional and members get excited for them especially during this time of the year.
This year we added Christmas Carols visits in our respective hospitals to cheer up the kids.

Time frame of the Activity

02/12/2016 – 22/12/2016


Bassma NGO, Mission de Vie, Red Cross




Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Alia Dani –  [email protected]

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