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World Human Rights Day celebration


LeMSIC Lebanon

General Description

The day was in previous years celebrated as a bake sale and awareness campaign on campus. This year we took the celebration to the streets of Beirut where we sold some goodies and spread awareness about human rights on a stand in a Christmas fair. Members loved the idea, people bought the food and loved the awareness campaign (one passerby bought one of our posters!).

Area of Activity

Human Rights


Fundraiser was a huge success (we are now able to fund our projects with the money we collected). Would definelty consider doing it again next year.

Time frame of the Activity

10/12/2016 – 11/12/2016


Inara NGO.


The event was a fundraiser for SCORP


Not affiliated with any IFMSA Program.


Alia Dani –  [email protected]

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