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National SCORP Meeting


IFMSA Panamá

General Description

Taking the idea of the SCORP camp, we organized a camp in a forest reserve, called “La Yeguada”, in which, with dynamics and games, we talked about the pillars of SCORP, for example refugees; We receive trainings of time management, planning; Learn what is SCORP and IFMSA structure. The main reason is to get to know the SCORPions of all the local associations and to strengthen our knowledge of the committee throughout the weekend.

Area of Activity

Human Rights


Learn the pillars of SCORP.
Learn the structure of IFMSA.
Strengthen relations between SCORP members

Time frame of the Activity

June 24-26, 2016


Not specified.


Not specified.


Not enrolled in any IFMSA Program.


Danilo Morales (NORP): [email protected]

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