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Ohana´s week


IFMSA Panamá

General Description

During a week there were different activities where people are sought to recognize the importance and value of the family. The first detail is distributed with books with messages alluding to the importance of the family and the invitation to the following activities.
On a board we ask the students to complete the sentence “my family is …”
And the great closing activity was to use the # and share a photo in social networks of you with your family, remembering that family is not necessarily limited to relatives with biological ties.

Area of Activity

Human Rights


Highlight the international day of the family. Carry a message about the preponderance of the family in our society.

Time frame of the Activity

May 11-15, 2016




Not specified.


Not enrolled in any IFMSA Program.


Danilo Morales (NORP): [email protected]

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